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Providing Hope for Survivors of Abuse

Did you know on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States? Avalon Center is a wonderful local organization which has become a beacon of hope for those who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Avalon Center has been working in the community to help survivors of abuse for over thirty years. This amazing organization provides assistance for all individuals impacted by abuse regardless of sex, race, or age; through a variety of programs lead by their highly qualified and dedicated staff. Avalon Center’s campus is able to provide safe housing for 50 individuals at a given time along with onsite counseling. A vital part of building a stronger community without abuse is through education. Educating the community on what abuse is and how one might be able to help has been a fundamental tool for Avalon Center. “We here at Wease Financial are proud to support Avalon Center on their mission of working to end abuse”.

Serving some 600 people each year the work being done at the Avalon Center has been able to provide a safe place for survivors of abuse to rebuild. Our agency wants to help raise funds to unite our community by supporting Avalon Center on their ongoing mission of ending abuse through prevention, education, shelter, and support.

Our agency will donate $20 to the Avalon Center on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way!

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an insurance quote from us and we’ll donate $20 for every person you recommend! It’s that easy!!!

They only need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!

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